Our New Officers

Our 2021 Chairperson Ann King, and Treasurer Richard Graham have decided to stand down and Group Eight would like to thank them for all their hard work and for keeping the group together whilst Covid made things so difficult for us all.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) elected a new Chairperson Alan Campbell and Treasurer Jennie Razzaq. We all wish them luck in their new roles and thank them for taking on the challenge.

We do not currently have a Secretary and we will be encouraging people to consider taking on the role before we have an Exceptional General Meeting (EGM) later in the year.

The new Chairperson Alan Campbell has sent this message to all members:

“Hi folks Just to say that its an honour to be the new Chair of Group 8. Some great points were raised at the meeting last night, and all will be looked at. I welcome Jennie as the Treasurer, taking over the role from Richard, who has decided to hang up his acting and accounting boots for the moment.

There are a few things we do need to sort, and it is a challenge for everyone.

Firstly, we need to elect a group secretary, I’ll arrange an EGM for this express purpose in the coming weeks. So if you want to do it, give me a shout and I’ll try to explain some of the duties. But it is necessary.

Secondly, we also need someone to be the Director for the 2022 Panto, in December. We can organise some script readings, Ideally we would like one selected well before May, and preferably before Lesley’s Dancers show in March so we can advertise well in advance.

Then the third and biggest challenge…. Group 8 needs more active members, we are at a bare minimum at present. So each and every active member should attempt to bring in at least one new person we do interesting and challenging plays and pantos, with many places for both acting and non acting. We do have a wealth of talent within our small numbers, so lets make expanding the group base one of those.

And finally huge thanks to Ann and Richard, for their sterling work during the toughest couple of years of Group 8’s existence. Keeping it together during times when it would have been easy to just let go, pulling together a wonderful panto, and bringing the group together and on stage again. The stage door will always be open and welcoming to both of you.

I look forward to the months and years ahead. “