About Us

Who Are We? 

Formed in 1973, the group was started by only eight people, hence the name ‘Group Eight’. The first production was ‘Bonaventure’. This ran for two nights and actually made a small profit. Since that time many plays, musicals, pantomimes and cabarets have been performed by the group. The group is now known as ‘The Group Eight Theatre Company’ and you may find out what we have performed in the past on our Past Shows Page.

The group has changed over the years as members have come and gone. Like all local drama groups we welcome new members, young and not so young, to the group and we have lots of opportunities for new members to take part on and off stage. There will be lots of opportunities in 2020 as we kick off the year with Three One Act plays which will offer new members a good opportunity to get to know us and a wide opportunity to take part.

Our Aims 

The aim of the group is to promote live theatre in the community to the mutual enjoyment of members and audiences alike.

Joining Us

If you are interested in joining, or would just like to know more about the group, contact the group by any of the methods listed on our Contact Us Page.